Customize and Protect Your Galaxy S4 With Samsung GALAXY SIV Case

If you love using your phone, you might have thought about buying different accessories for it, to customize the way it looks, or simply to make it easier to use. There are plenty of places where you can find wholesale Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories, and you can search for anything you could want there. However, the most important accessory you should consider getting for your phone is a Samsung GALAXY SIV Case.
Galaxy SIV cases come in all shapes and sizes, and they're made out of a variety of materials. The one thing they do have in common is that they will protect your phone from bumps and scratches, and that is what makes a smart phone case a must-have accessory for your phone. So after reading this article, make sure you check your local wholesale Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories shop for the perfect choice for your device.
The Samsung Flip Case
This case offers protection for your phone while maintaining the slim line of your Galaxy S4, something that most cases will not. It replaces the back of your phone, so it does not add much in terms of thickness, and also protects the screen so that you don't get any scratches on it, while giving your smart phone a chic, classy look.
Galaxy SIV OtterBox Commuter Series
This case has a textured, hard outer finish, that gives your phone protection and offers a good grip on the case. It only adds about a quarter inch on each side of your phone, however, so it's still easy to slide it in and out of your pocket.
Hard Gel Case
This case gives your phone the protection it needs against daily use accidents, keeping it in good condition. It is double layered, the outer layer being hard plastic and the inner layer a soft silicone. It's a durable case, with a basic design, yet one that will keep your phone safe and give it a pleasant feel.
Galaxy S4 Wallet Cover
Great design that lets you easily insert and remove your phone from your pocket. It offers great protection against scratches, drops and shocks. It has magnetic locking, and the inside is padded to give more protection to the screen. It's a high quality product, long-lasting, and once the case is closed, it protects the corners of your device as well. Another great thing about this case is that you can use your phone without removing it from the case, as all your buttons, the screen, camera, as well as the headphones and charger ports are reachable.
Translucent Android
A very resistant model, made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a material that is shock absorbing and offers protection from scratches, this Samsung GALAXY SIV Case is great for every day protection of your device, as well as from accidental drops or liquid spills. This case wraps around your smart phone completely, which means it also offers protection for the screen when the phone is placed face down on a hard surface. The problem of easy access was carefully considered, and precise cutouts offer access to all your ports, while the buttons are covered for extra protection.
Faux Leather Case
A slim wallet type cover made from faux leather, with a grainy texture, it offers a good grip of your device, while appearing smooth to the touch due to its patterned exterior. It comes with cutouts for the camera, speaker and ports, to allow for easy access yet keep up full protection. The interior is padded with a soft material that protects the surfaces, and especially the screen, from scratches.
Samsung Armor Cover
This case is made of hard plastic with a soft, rubber outer layer, offering very good protection and a very good grip as well. The smooth surface lets you easily fit the case in your pocket or take it out from there. The cutouts let you use your phone while still keeping it safe.

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