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If you've bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, you should think about buying a good case or cover for it. That doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money on one, you can find cheap cases that do the job just as well. What's awesome about S4 cases is that not only do they protect your smart phone; they also let you customize the way your device looks. In this article, as there are all kinds of Galaxy S4 cases or covers on the market, we will try to present you with some of the best options you can choose from.

The OtterBox Commuter Series
Offering a slim design, with a fairly hard - yet textured - exterior, so that you can maintain a good grip on the case, OtterBox Commuter Series is another good choice for your smart phone, offering protection from shocks and the good grip you have on the device reducing the risk you accidentally drop it.
Samsung Armor Cover
Made out of hard plastic, with a soft, rubbery outer finish, this Samsung Galaxy S4 cover doesn't just give your smart phone a classy look, but also offers very good protection, at the same time ensuring you have a very good grip on the device. The back side of the case is detachable and it's not very thick, so it is not very obvious when you carry it in your pocket.
Samsung Flip Case
Stylish design is what would best describe this cover. It offers great protection for your Galaxy S4, against scratches and shocks, and maintains its slim line, which is something that most cases do not. Covering both the display and the back side of your device, this S4 case gives your phone an attractive look, while protecting it against any mishaps.
Synthetic Leather Case
With a smooth external surface including cutouts for the camera, speaker and ports, and an interior surface covered with a soft material that protects the display from accidental scratches, this case is the perfect solution for those going for the "professional" look for their device, offering elegance to your Galaxy S4. It doesn't, however, offer as much protection to your device as some of the other cases.
Hard Gel Case
This is another cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 case.Covered in hard plastic and containing a soft silicone layer in the interior, this case offers good protection against any shocks and scratches, and has a nice feel when you touch it. Provided you always use it, this case should help your smart phone retain its "brand new" look for a longer period of time.
Translucent Android
This case offers pretty much the perfect protection. Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a soft plastic with a comfortable feel, it offers protection from scratches, absorbs shocks, and even protects your smart phone if it gets dropped on hard surfaces. The design of the case permits you to easily access the ports of the device.
Nowadays, you can find variety of Smartphone or mobile phone cases and cover in the market. The products are becoming very trendy with the competition that is arising for being fashionable.

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