Intense Ex-Googler Has Me Trembling and Inspired to Take a Shot With the Samsung Galaxy S4

What's up? Allow me to give you the lowdown on the craziest story about how I finally gave in and invested in an Android device. I was forever an iPhone subscriber so the idea of moving over to a completely fresh phone and operating system completely disturbed me. I'm not exactly a phone specialist either. I love awesome phones with legendary features that are simplistic. I know, that's a lot to ask for. My iPhone was getting a little bit played out and I had heard heaps of publicity about the new Galaxy. I figured that I should seek out a review of the Samsung Galaxy S4.
--> I started digging into many reviews of the S4 on the web and reading some crazy opinions. Now everything I read was not good stuff, but the features in relation to my other phone appeared to be unreal. I wasn't completely oblivious before, I had seen other Samsung phones before and heard lots of neat things. At the end of the day I remained an iPhone supporter without question, and my mind was sort of closed when it came to new cell phones. I read every review I could find and my mind was beginning to be enthralled with this new phone.A few days later I headed over to a buddy's house to have a beer and watch a baseball game. After a couple minutes of useless banter he declared that he had something very cool to show me. We went into his office and I was in awe. He had a beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S4 standing so elegantly on his table.
"Holy crap!" I blurted out.
This dude was an ex-Google employee turned tech entrepreneur. He was well connected but he didn't usually have his hands on a product before anyone else did. He gave me a brief story on how he got his hands on one early and it was free. I can't share his story, but wow was I ever envious.
This guy only owned the phone for a day so he was still an amateur with it. I examined it quite thoroughly that night and the features were endless. First of all, the camera is amazing. The photos that you can create with it are brilliant. Samsung is pumping up it's Dual feature but that is one thing I don't really understand. It's actually pretty stupid in my mind. The Dual feature takes a photo simultaneously with both the front and back cameras on the phone. This is useless I think. I really like the Eraser Mode though. Eraser mode will pick up unwanted objects in your valuable photo and will allow you to discard them. Think of that crazy person who stumbled directly into your photo. I love the mode called Drama Mode. Open up Drama Mode and you can take several photos, then you will be able to group them all into one photo. The one downside is that you must set the camera to Drama Mode before shooting. This will lead to plenty of photos where you're stuck wishing you set it to Drama mode. It has to be planned out before hand. The display screen is very vivid, blowing away my old paltry little iPhone. You're photos will look very slick. The phone has a cool camera, but the true difference maker is the giant amount of features built right in.
A little later that evening when my buddy and I were enjoying the game I decided to change the channel. Of course the batteries in his remote had croaked. He stepped in and proclaimed, "No problem man, I'll take care of this!" Out came the WatchOn app on his brand new phone and he started using it to scroll through the channels! "That's so cool." I thought to myself, "I need to buy this phone right away!"
All in all, I killed a lot of time looking at reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The S4 is oozing with great features built right in, and even though there aren't a ton of big upgrades from the S III, the S4 is unquestionably the better phone. The camera is awesome, the screen is larger, the touch screen is very responsive, the battery is better then any of the other new phones, and by the way there's a thing called Easy Mode for anyone who thinks this phone sounds too intense. This is really neat. I didn't waste much time getting mine because I was simply blown away by it. If you check the resource box, you'll see a link so you can read more reviews on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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