The Samsung UN65F8000 LED High Definition TV Review

The Samsung UN65F8000 is the newest model that has come to surpass their previous predecessor, the UN65ES8000. It comes fully featured and equipped with full HD 1080p resolution, a 240hz refresh rate, a brand new slimmer frame and numerous different add-ons for consumers by Samsung and their R&D team. Consumers will find this model attractive and powerful with a wide screen for a cinema-like entertainment experience. A few of these new additions offer a quad-core processor which helps this new model handle the improved Smart Interaction technologies such as voice and gesture controls. Samsung has greatly improved these technologies for their televisions as their brand new models can understand English sentences and is no longer limited to simple two-word commands. Voice technology is always a bonus for consumers and a cool innovation.

Samsung has implemented micro-dimming technologies and this breakthrough technology allows the HDTV to determine which parts of the image to dim so as to provide darker and richer blacks on screen for a more vivid viewing experience for homeowners and consumers. 2D to 3D conversion has additionally been improved greatly and 3D images will look much more realistic and brighter with this specific brand new model. This is one reason this television is becoming a popular choice for electronics consumers. It will make a great addition to any home theater system to provide a cinema-like experience.
Samsung's 2013 Smart Hub technologies feature a brand new line-up of Samsung-specific applications and software. This new model high definition television is a lot more of a multimedia center and comes equipped with options for owners offering control in five panels including films, suggestions, social media, music videos and photos. With a simple swipe movement in the remote controls, people can easily toggle between all of the panels to access whatever they desire anytime they want with ease and without complications.
The Samsung UN65F8000 will be priced around $3,000 but prices may vary. It is a 65-inch cutting edge Smart TV backed by increased functionality and access to a better range of media besides just television shows and movies. Today consumers want and demand more out of their home electronics and Samsung delivers with the UN65F8000. Samsung's brand new designs come with built-in Wi-Fi and tend to be internet prepared so viewing streaming media from the internet through this sizable 1080p resolution screen should be an attractive value proposition for most any consumer demographic. Samsung is additionally creating a family viewing and entertainment experience with a lineup of apps and software created particularly with families in mind. This follows the modern trend where technology devices are appealing to family members of all ages and connected into the internet highway.
The Samsung UN65F8000 includes a one-year manufacturer warrantee providing consumers with purchasing confidence. The product reviews for this 65 inch slim flat panel TV tend to be positive as the enhanced user interface and owner-centric qualities have shown that Samsung values the viewing and entertainment experience of their customers and aims to deliver a true at home cinematic experience.
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