A Look At Smartphones

If you are out of the technology circles and you've been constantly hearing about smartphones you may ask, "What is a smartphone?" Smartphones, for many consumers, are the future of hand-held communication. They are high-end devices that function more like a computer than a simple device to make calls. Often they contain special hardware that allows you to take photos, do video conferencing, or track your GPS location. They utilize a computer operating system specifically designed for smartphones. They feature thousands of applications that do everything from play great games, video editing, internet surfing, book reading, mapping, and more. With these devices, many users see the ability to make a phone call as a tool of lesser importance to the hundreds of other uses. With phones like the iPhone and Galaxy S4, you can use programs to make free calls over the internet to anywhere in the world. You can shop, check Facebook, track shipments, and more. Even better, with every passing day more applications are released that create more uses for these devices. So, if you are interested, what are some of the criteria you might consider when looking for a smartphone and what are some of the companies that offer them.
Operating System
The operating system is one of the most significant factors. It determines how easy the phone will be to use and what application options you will have. Apple uses the iPhone OS. Google produces the Android OS that is used widely by many phone companies such as the Galaxy S4, the scion of Samsung phones. Nokia uses the less popular Symbian OS. BlackBerry has their own OS, that while lacking broader appeal is popular amongst businessmen and women. Finally many phone companies still go with the Windows Phone OS from our old friend Microsoft. The three major contenders are the Apple OS, Android, and Windows Phone. Apple OS is often chosen as the easiest to use but the most proprietary in that it forces you to buy everything from Apple. Android functions less smoothly but it is available on many phone companies so you won't be tied to one company if you get used to it. Windows phone is, lets just say it's like other Windows operating systems, it works OK. but you won't enjoy it for a minute.
Whether you are interested in the Apple iPhone, the Galaxy S4, or the Blackberry Z10, you need to consider also the carrier packaging and how much it will cost. You should also ask yourself if you truly need so much computing power at you fingertips. Perhaps your grandfather was right and a phone should be just used for making calls. In that case, invest in a computer that will allow you to do everything a smartphone does and more.

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