Camera Features And Chipsets On The Samsung Galaxy Note And The HTC One X

The majority of modern premium smartphones now incorporate very large displays which are perfect for displaying high quality video footage and photographs. Two of the very best large screen devices currently available are the new Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X. We take a closer look at these two superb devices and see how they compare for processing power and camera features.
The Samsung Galaxy Note includes a very powerful chipset that ensures operation speeds on the device are very fast. The Exynos chipset that is used by the phone boasts a powerful ARM Cortex A9 processor which features dual cores and is clocked at 1.4Ghz. This powerful processor helps the device to offer excellent multi tasking features. The chipset also features a Mali 400MP graphics processing unit which easily handles the most demanding games titles that are currently available. One could be forgiven for thinking that the large display on this phone may slow things down a little but we experienced no such problems when we tested this handset. The HTC One X raises the bar in the processing department by including a quad core processor. This processor forms part of the impressive Tegra 3 chipset that the device uses. This setup includes a superb Nvidia Geforce ULP graphics processing unit that is more than a match for any demanding games and video content currently available. The processor itself uses the same ARM Cortex A9 architecture as the Galaxy Note but this time the chip is clocked at 1.5Ghz. This extra power together with the quad cores help the One X to deliver faster operation speeds than the Samsung handset and indeed most other phones currently available.
The Samsung Galaxy Note incorporates a very impressive camera facility which enables users to record high quality video footage and detailed still photographs. The model features a 8 mega pixel primary still camera and can also record images from the secondary camera at a resolution of 2 mega pixels. A number of additional tools help users to make the most of the photo facility on this model including image stabilisation and the ability to auto focus. Video footage is recorded at 1080P resolution and looks superb on the large display or when transferred to a compatible television. The HTC One X is a little different from many other phones as it features a dedicated photography chip. This enables users to capture 8 mega pixel photographs while recording video at the same 1080P standard as the Galaxy Note. This handset also features a secondary camera that can snap images at 1.3 mega pixel resolution. Despite both models offering the same resolution for photography and video the HTC One X offers more in the way of features which include a panoramic mode and an HDR mode similar to what the iPhone 4S boasts.
The Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X are two of the most impressive premium smartphones currently available. Excellent camera features appeal on both models while powerful chipsets deliver fast operation speeds and excellent graphics to both devices.

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