Exciting New Features in Samsung Galaxy S4

If the news sources are to be believed then Samsung is all set to launch its Galaxy S4, the latest in its flagship, in 30 countries on 26 April 2013 simultaneously. Until the date of launch arrives let us find out the innovative features that are added in this new Smartphone. It is said that this latest version is packed with various features, applications and improved Android OS. Additionally, you will love the air view and even its ability for tracking your fitness level. Let us find out all the exciting new features that this Smartphone has to offer.
Dual Camera Functionality
Galaxy S4 sports dual camera functionality that enables in capturing videos and pictures utilizing both the cameras. The front facing camera has 2MP capacity and the rear-facing camera has 13MP capacity, both are good at taking desired shots as well as video recording. Now you will be easily able to capture your self-shots without having to bother if you are aiming the camera right. Additionally you can capture self-video while looking at yourself in the camera.
Rivals like LG added similar feature but Samsung has added enhanced ability to re-size and reposition the pictures from the cameras. This result in a split-screen view and even re-size the screen size of the image appearing on your display. Additionally you also have the option of changing the shape of your head in an oval, blurred or heart-shaped for fun.
Scrolling Made Easy
Scrolling through various links and accidentally clicking the wrong one is frustrating. Now Samsung gives you the feature of Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. These features allow you to scroll upwards or downwards in the list by looking at the screen without having to touch it. Additionally, tilting your phone forward or back allows you to scroll through the list quickly. The Smart Pause feature enables in pausing a video as soon as you take your eyes off it.
Smart Call
When you are driving, your phone is docked. If you are working in the kitchen your phone is kept on the kitchen counter while you are busy mixing the cake batter and it immediately starts ringing. If you are driving, you cannot answer your phone and if you already have your hands full with something then too you cannot pick up and answer. With Samsung Galaxy S4 you need not reach out to your phone and pick up. The functionality of Smart Call enables you to accept a call by waving your hand over the device and automatically turn on the speaker. Additionally, you can enjoy changing the songs in your play list by the wave of your hand and use gestures to go through the tabs when you are browsing.
Air view
In Galaxy Note II the S pen is used by hovering the stylus it over your screen. Galaxy S4 does not require any external S Pen Stylus you can perform the same gesture by holding your finger over a specific area where you want to perform the Air View functionality. Additionally this feature also allows you to enlarge thumbnails in your picture gallery, previewing videos and e-mails too is easier by performing the hovering gesture. Hold your finger above the screen and preview the thumbnails of web browser tabs.
S Features
At times it happens that you are interacting with various people online or in your e-mails and some might respond back in their own native language. Converting messages and e-mails is easier with S Translator that enables in decoding 9 languages to English or your own native language for your convenience. 
The S translator can even convert the voice input to the desired language to make communication easier. Hold the microphone against your mouth and speak, the voice input is translated so that you can play it to the person.

If you are a fitness freak or you have the need to monitor your health then the feature of S Health will come handy. This app enables in keeping a track of calories burned while walking and even monitors your calorific food intake. Additionally, the phone has in-built sensors that enable in recording temperature and humidity level of the environment or even a room.
TV Control
The infrared port in your Samsung Galaxy S4 enables in taking complete control of your TV and with the WatchOn feature you get additional advantages. Searching content in the Media Hub Video, checking out the TV schedule, purchasing or downloading the copy of your favorite TV show is now made possible.
Group Activities
For all those who enjoy competing in games against their group buddies or compete against their friend network the feature of Group play is a surprise treat. Tap your phones together to perform activities including streaming a song, competing in a game together (Gun Brothers or Asphalt 7) or play blasting music by turning the phone of your friend into speakers for a stereo effect.
Erasing Extras within a Shot
Often just when you are ready to take the best holiday shot someone or something comes in between your camera and the person you are shooting. Eliminating the extras from the image is easy with Eraser shot. For example, you are taking a picture of your kid at Disney Land when all of a sudden someone runs past by as you click. This will result in a blurry image while spoiling the shot. With Eraser shot mode you will be able to erase it out of the frame to improve the picture capturing what you want.
Storing Business Card Details
You might have faced a situation where you met someone interesting at a party and exchanged business cards but before you could note the details you lost the card. This can be eliminated with Photo Reader app. Entering details manually is no longer required, just click the photo of the business card and within a few seconds the photo transforms into editable text. All this is possible through the technology of optical character recognition that enables reading words imprinted on the piece of a paper or the business card. Even if the card is imprinted with foreign language the S Translate feature helps in translating the text.
Sorting Pictures Made Easy
When you are traveling you have a habit of clicking numerous pictures for keepsake. Later on you are left with a tedious job of sorting them out according to the time and place. The Story Album feature allows you to get rid of this tedious task. As soon as you click a bunch of pictures a message will be displayed to create a new album. Name the album, pick a cover photograph and your pictures get stored in this new album. Additionally, you also have the option of uploading them to Facebook. If you want the photo prints then you have the option of Blurb for sending them directly to print.
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