Free iPad Program Reviewed - Tester Wanted and Keep iPad for Free: Is It a Real Deal?

Apple launched a brand new product called iPad in the second quarter of 2010. The product's innovative features are really making the ownership extremely pleasant. However, these features and the reputable brand made it rather expensive and currently in the range of $500 to $600, depending on service provider subscription package. So how about a free iPad giveaway sound?
I believe we all have heard about free product offered by company in exchange with people participation in certain activities. So, are these offers legitimate and genuine? Why do they give away those gifts or products for free? What is the caveat and do I need to pay when participating in their program and activity? All these are the most commonly asked questions. Nevertheless we have to face it, nothing comes for free these days and so what's it all about?
The truth is that these companies are legitimate and really keen to give away free gift to people to participant and willing to provide honest feedback to their services or products. This is quite common for pre-launch products, similarly to iPad and iPhone. The manufacturers need inputs from the public to improve their services or products. Giving away free product such as Apple's iPad as a reward is a cost-effective way of having their product tested by public who will eventually use them. By having the tester reward program, companies are able to improve their products based on feedback about the design of the product, features and its usefulness. Normally, product flaws and bugs will also be revealed and reported during this stage and prompt fix is then applied before the official launch of the product.
This approach makes full sense from commercial stand points. Imagine the potential damage to the company reputation and the cost to recover for producing badly designed products. They would rather pay in the form of giveaway test product as a reward to those joined their product testing and survey exercise. For this case, a free iPad is offered for the efforts! But we have to be mindful when selecting the right offers and programs to participate. There are 3 common ground rules in order to ensure our interest is protected. Firstly, these programs should be free to join, no payment is required to test their products. Second, understand and adhere to the requirements and last but not least, be positive and follow the simple step by step instructions and you will be on your way to claim the iPad as the reward in participating!
As a last reminder, normally these tester programs are time limited and hence only quick response will ensure the free iPad is still up for grab!

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