Getting Started With Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been in the market for long but still there are some hidden tips that you might not be aware about. Also for those who are new to this gadget, they need to figure out the best way to get started with their newly acquired gadget. Here are some tips that you can apply for better user experience.
Basic Tips
Changing Color Tone
You can change the color tone of your phone to your liking by Settings - Display- Screen Mode. Now a list of three modes will be displayed including Dynamic, Natural and Standard.
Enabling Blocker Mode
During a meeting or while you are busy with some other work you do not want to be disturbed with unwanted calls or notifications. You just need to block the function that includes calls, timers, notifications, alarms and LED flash. Enable the Blocker Mode and choose the setting for an entire day or a few hours.
Using Air View
The Air View is the best feature offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now you need not touch the surface of your phone to activate functionalities or for preview of thumbnails. You just need to hover your stylus over the surface.
Screen Tips
Easy Mode
As soon as you switch on your Note 2 you get the option of Easy mode and Basic mode to choose from. The Easy mode includes the most used apps, frequently used settings and contact. While the Basic mode is more like a general set up with various features and functionalities. To switch you can use the settings app.
Lock Out
Lock Out is a feature that enables the screen to keep running till your eyes are on the screen. This is possible by the front camera that monitors your eye movement.
Managing Home Screens
A pinch gesture will zoom out to help you view all your home screens. This way you can easily choose which screen to remove and in re-arranging the entire home screen view.
S Functionality Tips
Capturing Screenshot and Clippings
Hold down your S Pen button pressing it on the screen to capture a screenshot. This screenshot is editable before you decide to save it.
Hold down the S pen and draw a shape to save the contents displayed on the screen. You can share this image via E-mail, MMS and on other apps that connects you to your social network.
S Voice, Planner and Note
S Voice is the voice assistant by Samsung to enable most of the functionalities that Siri does for Apple. However, you can use S voice for turning on/off Wi-Fi internet.
S planner app has replaced the calendar app. It can be used by performing gestures like pinching and stretching. This way you can switch between the entire calendar entries and view it accordingly. Additionally you can even add notes to it.
The S Note helps in quickly scribbling notes. You can save anything that you scribble including mathematical and scientific formula.
Camera and Video Tips
Camera app
The camera app is equipped with burst mode that enables in capturing many images in one go by holding down the icon. You will also be able to utilize the additional picture editing options.
Video Effects
Video effects include colorization, fast motion and slow motion. Additionally the feature of Digital Image Stabilization helps in improving your video output.
Floating Video Player
The floating video player helps switching between a film and browsing activity. Use the feature of Pop Up Play to do so.
Other Tips
Saving Power
Using the Power Saver Mode you can turn on/ off features that consume battery power. You can manage brightness, background color and CPU power level.
Motion Control Feature
The motion control comes handy for performing gestures including pan to tilt, zoom and move. You can easily play racecar games and other such games that require using this feature.
Disabling Unwanted Features
It is advisable to disable features that are no longer in use to save battery consumption. You can begin by disabling features like Wi-Fi, 3G data access and Air view for S Pen. These are just a few out of many other such features that you do not require active all the time.

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