How To Scan To PC Using Samsung Smart Thru and Samsung Smart Thru Office V2?

Samsung is a brand that has a lot to offer in the name of innovative features. Just like the multifunction printer Samsung SCX-4100 MFP that can be relied upon to do print, scan and copy jobs. Using the SCX-4100D3 cartridges, which can also be requisitioned from third party manufacturers as low cost and compatible toner cartridges, expect Samsung to deliver the best images and copy on papers.
The device also offers features and bundled software that makes document management easy as pie. One of these is the Samsung SmarThru™ Office - a powerful application that allows users to create, edit and scan images. And in addition to its convenience features, the SCX-4100 can also make create digital copies of hard copy images into the user's PC and vice versa. This feature allows hard copies to be scanned and converted into formats such as IFF, JPEG or PDF. Below is a guide on how to use the Samsung SmarThru™ Office.
How to scan to PC using Samsung Smart Thru?
  1. Turn on the computer and Samsung SCX-4100 MFP. See if they are properly connected.
  2. Place the document face down on the document glass OR Load the document(s) face up into the ADF.
  3. Go to PC and double click the Smart Thru icon to open a new window.
  4. On the menu bar, select the "Scan to" icon.
  5. Adjust scan settings according to preference.
  6. Once completed, simply click the "Scan" button to start scanning.
How to scan to PC using Samsung Smart Thru Office v2?
  1. Double click Samsung Smart Thru Office v2 icon to open.
  2. On the menu bar, click "Scan" icon to open the Scan Setting dialog box window.
  3. Click arrow to drop down selection. Select Samsung SCX-4100 as the scanner.
  4. Select the area for the document's origin by changing "Paper Source". Note: select ADF in Paper Source drop down box to scan multiple documents at the same time.
  5. Click the "advance settings" button.
  6. Scroll and select the preferred storage location for the scanned documents. Click "OK" once done selecting.
  7. Change/write file name and select file format on the drop down.
  8. Once done, click on "Scan" to start scanning.
Multifunction printers (MFP) are the ultimate solution to handling volumes of paperwork within a limited time. Instead of operating several machines, users are able to finish multiple printing tasks with just a few pushes of a button. The Samsung SCX-4100 MFP is a great machine for home and small office use. And with the print capacity of SCX-4100D3 compatible toner cartridge, users can save more extra bucks in many ways.

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