Is this your iPhone home screen?

Is this your iPhone home screen?
A sample of about 1,500 users found That Have the generic bubble screen is the MOST popular choice, Followed By Their personal photos of loved ones.
An image of the bubble in the wallpaIs this your iPhone home screen?per folder phone was the MOST popular choice, others aim Were more creative, with pictures of a couple in second place Followed by a dune landscape and a pet in fourth spot., Have you Collected the sample, you aussi create a visual representation of the Most Popular display screen, taking into account the MOST common of rental applications.
Facebook and Twitter are two applications That are preinstalled on the iPhone, but still available in MOST home screens. Director, Jason Brockman, said: "The iPhone is one of the MOST popular phones there at the time and wanted to know how similar the home screens betweens users saw.
"It Seems there was a definite pattern as to the disposition of some applications and icons on the screen, with Clearly people want quick access to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and Have Those icons on the first page."