Mobile Phones of the Future - Top Trends

Every January in Las Vegas, the world famous CES Consumer Electronics Show unveils new technology trends in today's marketplace.
The following trends were introduced two years ago. Since then, many of them have made it to the market:
• Projection - imagine showing a video from your mobile at a business meeting. 

• Discontinuation of the Desktop - this large, bulky dinosaur is losing favor as high-powered, portable laptops, notepads and tablets take its place. 
• Mobile Cloud - storage and accessibility options. 
• 4G / LTE - LTE is a new standard for mobile communications and highly promoted by T-Mobile. 4G is fourth generation, an improvement over 3G. 
• Long life batteries - Short battery life causes many smart phone users to carry their charger with them. Look into the Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Droid. 
• Eco friendly - the iPhone and Samsung Evergreen use less fossil fuels. Be sure to responsibly dispose of your current mobile phone when it has expired.

2013 Trends
Bigger phones with an easier viewing screen. The Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate can be called phablets, or a hybrid phone - tablet. The Mate's screen dimensions are actually 6.1", gigantic compared to the tiny window screens on ancient mobile phones introduced twenty years ago.
Better operating systems are required to support the many applications and superhero options of today's tiny hand held mini computers.
Higher screen resolutions, as introduced by the Apple iPad 3 in March 2012. The high retina screen claims to magnify the subject matter to the extent of not needing reading glasses to use the computer. Let the user decide for him.

The Blackberry 10 provides a multi task system of technology and business planning. A new trend has come to the forefront. Multi-tasking has been replaced by Hyper Tasking. That means constant contact with one's mobitel. About 70% of users can't go an hour without checking their phone, and every empty moment must be filled with an online game, reading a Kindle book or checking email - dead air is simply not allowable.

Public Libraries Online 

In Austria, by scanning a yellow sticker, users can download literary classics on the mobitel. Where are the books? Why, up in the clouds, somewhere...

Gifts of Free Airtime 

As a thank you, several Third World countries gift survey participants with free air time to check email with, Facebook, Twitter, and just plain old surfing.

Self-Destructing Photographs 

Snap chat has an old idea whose time has come. Who hasn't heard, "this tape will self-destruct in ten seconds?" Mission Impossible - Snap chat allows you to take spontaneous photos what self-destruct soon after. They are good for sharing a moment without cluttering your hard drive.

Sony Xperia Z is the first phone with waterproof technology built in. It is actually water resistant. That means if it gets a splash the phone won't turn into a pillar of salt, but not intended to go swimming with.

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