Samsung Ativ S - Best Windows Based Phone

In this era of cut throat competition in the smartphone market it has become very difficult for any smartphone to mark its presence. However, there are some devices like Samsung Ativ S that are able to not only establish their position in the market but also generate a lot of revenue for the company. Samsung Ativ S is a great phone and has got all the features that a mobile phone user expects out of a smartphone.
Weighing 135 grams, Ativ S has got modest dimensions of 137.2 x 70.5 x 8.7 mm. These dimensions impart an attractive appeal to the device. Moreover, the Super AMOLED touch screen measuring 4.8 inches fits well in the device. Due to devices like Ativ S, Samsung is slowing becoming the favorite smartphone brand in the world.
This phone runs on the Windows 8 operating system, which is the latest and the best OS launched by Microsoft. Due to Windows based operating system, the features that are integrated in Ativ S are widely different from the android based phone versions. In Ativ S you will find, document sync, Live Tile Information, voicemails and People Hub etc. The camera quality of the gadget is among the best available in the market. Apart from a primary 8 MP camera, the phone sports a 1.9 MP front camera to support video call feature. Samsung Ativ S has got two storage variants including 16 GB and 32 GB. Both the variants are powered by a 1 GB RAM. A unique feature of the device is that it's the only Windows phone available in the market that comes with a memory card slot.
So if you are looking for a smartphone that has got some great entertainment features and at the same time is apt for business usage then you must seriously consider buying Samsung Ativ S. Even though the app variety of Windows may not be as wide as that of Android or Symbian, still you will find all the essential apps in Windows store. The slippery plastic body as well as absence of 4G network might disappoint some of the mobile phone user; still it is a great phone to buy.
You should also try to look for some great Samsung Ativ S deals online as a lot of mobile phone network service providers are offering lucrative deals to the customer to promote their brand.

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