Samsung Galaxy Note 2: A Phone With Unusual Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an impressive device. Some of its major attributes are discussed below:
The Galaxy Note 2 is not a small handset. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest phone in the market. It is very difficult to operate a huge smart phone. Nevertheless, some users actually like such enormous handsets.
It comes with a touch screen. The screen is very intuitive. You can see the content on this phone in bright sunlight as well.
A huge screen is very useful while playing games, watching movies, or surfing the Internet. Many people watch the latest movies on their mobile phones. The Galaxy Note 2 is appropriate for them. Even playing games is a pleasant experience with this device.
S Pen:
The S Pen is actually a stylus. Samsung is the only company to offer a stylus. The S pen is very useful. You can write down notes and draw sketches with it. We appreciate this effort of Samsung, but the stylus is useless in a smart phone.
It comes with a quad core 1.6GHz central processing unit. It is very powerful and fast. All the latest apps require more power to run smoothly. You can also run several applications simultaneously.
Memory space:
The Note 2 offers 64 GB internal storage capacity, which can be increased further using a micro SD card. So, Galaxy Note 2 has ample space to store all of your favorite songs and videos.
It comes with several connectivity attributes. It supports 4G LTE network, which offers fast Internet and better video calling facilities. You also get Bluetooth connectivity. It also has Global Positioning System facilities, which comes handy whilst traveling. However, you should remember that it drains battery life quickly.
The Note 2 comes with an 8 MP camera. It has LED flash, which comes handy while clicking pictures in the night. It clicks beautiful photographs. Moreover, you can shoot videos in great quality.
Google Play store offers more than 700,000 applications. There are many exclusive exciting apps for the Galaxy Note 2. These apps are not expensive. 

The Galaxy Note 2 is a great device. It is very difficult to use thanks to its huge size. However, many users actually love it because of its enormous size.
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Samsung Galaxy note 2 is a popular handset. Samsung is already earning an impressive amount by selling this device.
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