Samsung Galaxy S and Its Successor

When Samsung Galaxy S was launched in the market, it rocked all Samsung lovers out there. The features of this amazing cell phone are incredible. It has a 4.0 Super AMOLED Screen that lets you watch and record videos, play games and read e-books with vibrant and vivid colors. It has a slim contemporary design that allows phone owners to easily put the cell phone in their pockets with ease.
Another great feature of Galaxy S is its ultimate hardware. Its application processor is 1 GHz and has 16 GB memory with micro SD. Other features of this cell phone includes Google maps, Daily Briefing, Swype + Write & Go, wireless tethering, document editor and a lot more.
The successor of Galaxy S will be introduced in the market on the first half of 2011. Dubbed as Galaxy S2, the new model for this android smart phone boasts of a more powerful processor. When Galaxy S2 will be made available, all heads will turn around to see its new dual-core processor.
Dual core processors were first introduced in computers five to six years ago. These allow users to have multiple processors in a single chip and in terms of function, it will be able to have multiple processors that can handle more than one thread. In effect, this allows the system to function faster and better.
In addition to dual core processors, the new Galaxy S2 will also sport a Super AMOLED Plus screen. This means, you will be able to watch and record videos better and play games better with more vibrant and more vivid colors.
Samsung has yet to release additional features of the successor of Samsung Galaxy S. For now, these are the only upgraded features that have been mentioned so far. Once this has been released, you might be wondering if it is possible to have one without having to pay the original cost. It is possible to get great cell phone deals at Foonin. We all know that when a new cell phone is released in the market and the features are power packed just like Samsung Galaxy S, it can be very costly. Cell phone deals are everywhere but you need to make sure that if you buy one, make it a point to buy new cell phones at reputable retailers or dealers.
There are customers who clearly provided feedback on the problems they have experienced using Samsung Galaxy S. Some of the problems encountered were freezing up of the cell phone, rebooting several times and shortened battery life. The new Samsung Galaxy S2 should be able to address this gap since it boasts of a dual-core processor. The problems of freezing up and rebooting of cell phone every now and then should have been eliminated with the newer version of the phone.
Newer models come out in the market as soon as the first one or the original model becomes outdated. We will never know if it is going to work unless we try it ourselves.

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