Samsung Galaxy S - Best Features And Looks

The Samsung Galaxy S has been the most successful model for Samsung in recent years. Recently, the product broke many records selling over 10 million units within just seven months of its launch and it in itself tells about the quality and interest amongst people for the product. It can be also be called as the smaller version of iPhone because as of today it is literally selling as hotcakes, which is what the iPhone managed to do when it was launched just over five years ago. When it was launched, the Apple iPhone took touch screen phones to an all new level and the Samsung Galaxy S has managed to do that once again.
This new phone from Samsung is unlike any other from the company before and one of the main reasons why it enjoys such an elevated status amongst people is due to the stunning 4 inch display. This touch screen display uses a technology called as Super AMOLED, which was first developed by Samsung for the mobile phones. This latest technology not only causes the screen to be very legible in all kinds of situations, but also makes the colour reproduction and brightness levels unlike any other screen technology before. Hence, it comes as no surprise to learn that the world has instantly taken over to the Super AMOLED display technology.
Even though it is going to be quite some time since the Samsung Galaxy S was launched, the novelty of the product has not gone away even now. The phone is incredibly feature rich, yet it is not overpriced. This means that it is affordable to wider class of audience irrespective of their previous phones. The features in this phone might be enough to convince people to upgrade from their mid-range smartphone into this phone. Also, it will convince customers from even more high-end segments to step down a little bit to buy this phone. Despite boasting the ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor, the Samsung Galaxy S only runs on the Android 2.1 version. However, it is fair to say that it can be easily upgraded to the Android 2.3 in one go since it has the processor and RAM capability to do it.
In spite of class leading features, the phone does falter a little bit when it comes to camera since it is a five megapixel one. The features like autofocus and face detection go some way into solving the problem of shooting great pictures. Also, it comes with HD video recording as standard. The phone can record HD videos for a long time since it has a 16 GB internal memory. This huge memory can also be boosted by using a 32 GB memory card to take the memory to a whopping 40 GB in total. The phone was launched in October after being announced in September. It is now available worldwide and in the United Kingdom where it costs around £420, which is an incredible value for a phone that many consider to be the best.
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