Samsung Galaxy S3 - The Best Smartphone by Samsung

Even though Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in market just a few days ago, Samsung Galaxy S3 still remains as a preferred choice of smartphone lovers. The devices come with lots of useful features and brilliant design that will impress the users to a great extent.
Even though S3 is equipped with a 4.8 inch screen, it is slim, lightweight and easy to carry. The device is really quick and web pages load in just a matter of few seconds. It is undoubtedly the fastest Android phone that you will see in the market. The pictures look glorious in the great AMOLED display. You can compare it to the retina display of Apple's iPhone. You will love watching movies and playing games on this great smartphone. The SmartStay feature of the phone prevents the screen from blacking out when you are looking at it, whereas the NFC technology of the phone can be used for various purposes. Colors look natural in the device and the autofocus feature of the camera is up to the best standards. Samsung Galaxy S3 sports an impressive battery and offers you a decent standby as well as talk time. The integrated camera modules of this phone allow the user to shoot high-resolution video and photos.
Like all other phones, there are some drawbacks in the phone as well. Some people might find operating the phone with one hand difficult. Also, the S Voice feature cannot be compared to Apple's Siri. Being an Android phone, Galaxy S3 can support thousands of apps and you can customize the screen of the phone as per your preferences. Also, like all Samsung phones, S3 carries the manufacturer's warranty of 12 months. The phone also boasts of giving a powerful 2100 mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery adjusts the power consumption of the device so as to last longer.
You should look for the various Samsung Galaxy S3 deals being offered by various networking service providers including Vodafone, O2, and Virgin etc. These network providers are offering free talk time, free SMS and other benefits with S3 deals.
Lastly, S3 is an amazing phone that is giving a tough competition to Apple iPhone and Xperia. It offers true value for money. Thus, if you are looking for an advanced smartphone which is fast, has got a brilliant camera, and comes with an amazing screen, then you must definitely consider buying this phone.

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