Sleek and Stylish Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch

Ever since the launch of Windows 8 OS, many touch-screen enabled laptops have arrived in the technology market. However, it is observed that most of these laptops are hi-end with premium pricing that is no less than $1,600 and even more at times. However, the designs are attractive but the chassis is more or less of plastic finish. Breaking the trend of fragile chassis is Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch. This 13-inch ultrabook has a metal finish unibody, complete glass finish on the screen. It is powered with Core i5 CPU, memory of 4GB and is priced at $849. This is a decently priced ultrabook that is sturdy and sleek in design with mid level pricing. The touchpad sports separate click buttons and is highly responsive. Let us find out more about it.
Design and features

The overall finishing of this ultrabook is metallic brush aluminum finish that is attractive to look at while avoiding fingerprints. This model is relatively thinner at 13-inch but without any optical drive. The front of this unit seems more sleek as the entire design is created keeping style in mind. The backside is a bit augmented as it supports USB ports and connectivity options.
This Series 5 sports Intel Ultrabook brand along with a SSD cache added to the hard drive. The keyboard is shaped in island-style; the color tone of the keyboard is darker against the body. However, you will be able to type with relative ease without any errors. Function keys are large in size and easy to use the only compromise in size is with the spacebar that is a bit shorter. The F keys are included in the keyboard to enable multimedia functionality.
The touchpad is large in size and highly responsive even to one-touch commands, the left and right touch buttons are defined separately. However, you might feel a bit lag in performance while attempting multi touch gestures and two-finger scroll functionality. You might at times accidentally trigger the Charms bar.
The screen display of 13.3-inch sports a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels. The display is crisp, sharp and the content is clear. This resolution only looks good on the 13-inch display other laptops with bigger screen with the same resolution might seem pixilated. Additionally, bigger screen size would cost more. The Series 5 screen is covered with Gorilla Glass to resist scratch, it is touch enabled that supports 10 fingers touch.
Connections, performance, and battery life
The Series 5 also includes Ethernet jack that is hidden behind a protective covering that you can swing open for using it. However, for USB input you only have one port with 3.0 version, as the best the other two USB ports are slower with only 2.0 version.
When it comes to performance, surfing, video streaming and other daily web browsing tasks went smoothly. Comparing it against other ultrabook/laptops sporting Core i5, it seems to lag a bit in performance. The performance lag might be influenced by factors like Samsung propriety software and the doc of Quick Starter. Despite all this, basic computing tasks and every day activities work well with this system.
The Battery backup of Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch is impressive that lasts up to 6 hours with video streaming.
While looking at other Windows 8 OS powered laptops, most of them are priced at $1,300 or more. As for others that cost as low as $600, do not have much of mass appeal due to plastic like finishing. As against Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch the pricing and the design along with 6-hour battery juice seems good deal.
The good about this ultrabook is that the design is sturdy supported with powerful CPU and touch enabled screen with decent pixel resolution. All this comes at cost effective pricing against other brands in the market currently.
In conclusion, it can be said that this product is a premium looks ultrabook without any hybrid design that still is appealing.
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