The evolution of mobile technology in the workplace

The changing world of mobile technology

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"The services of a mobile workforce growth and increasing labor flexibility, maintaining employee productivity outside of the office environment is an area that requires serious reflection and potential investment. Microsoft Messenger and Skype were part of daily life for a while now. However, until recently, they were restricted to office use. can now use these services on the road often saves a lot of time and money for the company. "

In recent years, the number of different services and therefore devices, types of software has increased dramatically. This leads to greater consumer choice in choosing the best device for your needs. Along with this, the ability to save your files in the "cloud" allows access to your virtual office from almost anywhere.

One issue that must be addressed by companies is the compatibility between these devices and their individual software platforms. Several iPhone enterprise applications does not produce a file type supported, however, is sometimes as an image or PDF document format has become the "modified" by the following files. However, this should become less problematic since these devices and software evolve.

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT mobile technology

According to a recent study conducted by TNS Global commissioned by Dell and Intel, 6 out of 10 workers recognize the importance of keeping up with the latest technology in order to be effective at work. There is a gap between employees who are willing to adopt new technologies and those who are not well. Young workers are more likely to use personal devices for business processes. However, the junior staff are often not provided with the latest technology and its employees are forced to use personal devices such as "solution".

Here is an excerpt from "The workforce development, Report No. 3" in the study;

"Most workers perceive the world technology and devices required by the job as a" benefit of employment. "57% of workers earn technology in the workplace as a benefit for 66% think it will be in the future."

Internet-based services have become part of everyday life in the office too. With the luxury of online meetings, presentations and demonstrations that there is less need representatives and manager of the company must travel for hours to visit a customer or partner for a meeting half an hour. Services such as WebEx and GoToMeeting sessions will feature rich online as desktop sharing and conference calls specific to the application, and even video conferencing. One of the advantages of a virtual meeting is that very often the presenter will have direct access to other resources within the company to respond to specific questions. For example;

When you attend a meeting on the demonstration site, the seller makes a particular technical issue for which there is an adequate response. The seller may disrupt the meeting, he tries to contact a developer of product or service to attend or take the case outside the meeting and respond later. None of these scenarios is ideal and may, if the answer is wrong, the damage to the customer / supplier relationship. However, if the meeting is held in the line below, the Development Centre or service is immediately accessible by the seller and able to respond to your request quickly and completely. They can even take over as host some time to visually explain the answer.

The possibility of organizing virtual meetings also has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly, everyone should be in favor of. In fact, make "green" approach to knowledge by many companies in its companies to use this technology (and rightly so).

Another important element of business life has been made easier thanks to the mobile technology is networked. Applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter and even CardMunch allow individuals to learn about a possible contact or customer before you meet them. You do not need business cards, all necessary information is online and accessible via a mobile device or desktop.

Contacts more to come from all walks of life, have an online profile of some sort. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even sites like Instagram or Google+. The advantage (both sides) is that it is an air of familiarity, even before the first face to face meeting, the two parties are able to gain an understanding of each other. Not only in terms of professionalism, but also the interests, personal projects, hobbies, etc., giving an idea of ​​that person and potentially an advantage in building a working relationship.

As technology continues to evolve, diversify and integrate all aspects of our lives, both socially and professionally, companies must also evolve to take advantage of these technological advantages.

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