The New Samsung HMX-F90 5-Megapixel Camcorder

Camcorders may not be quite as popular as they once were, just as how traditional digital cameras are being replaced by the opportunity to shoot video and capture images on your smartphone. However, there are still new digital cameras and camcorders coming out on the market, one of which is the Samsung HMX-F90 5-megapixel camcorder.
The Samsung HMX-F90 shoots in 720p which is slightly down from other camcorders and now even smartphones are capable of producing in 1080p. The image quality might not be quite as great, yet you're still getting a valuable 5-megapixel camcorder for under $150.
The Samsung HMX-F90 5-megapixel camcorder also features 52x optical zoom and quick connectivity to your PC. With the aide of a USB cable users are able to quickly transport images over to their personal computer where they can share them on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Photos look good on the 2.7 inch LCD display for quick access and browsing purposes. Sharing is quick and easy with the single touch of a button. However, keep in mind that the 5-megapixel camcorder is unable to wirelessly connect to the Internet directly from the device which is a problem you wouldn't find with other, more expensive models.
Time-Lapse Recording
The Samsung HMX-F90 5-megapixel camcorder also provides time-lapse recording. The purpose of time-lapse is to enhance the detail and, ultimately, the experience of the video captured. Time-lapse works by taking a picture at longer intervals than normal speed (note: 'normal speed' is 24 frames per second). As a result, users are able experience at different speeds - great for action or detail footage.
One thing that we hear a lot with the Samsung HMX-F90 is how lightweight the new HD camcorder feels in your hands. Indeed, the weight of any electronic device is extremely important these days as users want something that they can easily carry around in a pocket or purse, and without feeling burden by said device.
Record Pause
The "Record Pause" feature on the Samsung HMX-F90 5-megapixel camcorder is a really simple, yet extraordinarily useful post-production concept. Record Pause enables you to shoot a particular scene (for example, the start of a race), pause and wait to finish recording (for example, the end of the race). After all the footage is gathered, and if utilized properly, Record Pause looks like a complete sequence of events without any post-production editing required.
In addition to Record Pause users may tag scenes in order to quickly merge files together for editing purposes. For example, tag 'basketball' to any footage you take of the sporting event and then enjoy it all in one place later on the camera.
Smart Background Music allows you to add music to your edited footage which definitely enhances the viewing experience. Furthermore, adding the tunes is quick and easy, not taking up a ton of time with several pre-recorded tracks available at your disposal.
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