Top Mobile Application Development Mistakes

Not every mobile application development is performing well. There are more failed apps than successful ones. And many of them do not even receive a respectful number of downloads. However, every mobile application development project begins with the hope of making money, but only handful of them come through. Because users have thousands of other choices, they can discard the app of even a branded developer in the next minute of download if it fails to excite them. So, where are they lacking? Maybe, they are lacking at following places:
Failing to distinguish PC and mobile platforms
The big mistake is to fail to distinguish PC and mobile platforms, and simply port the existing desktop software to mobile platforms. PC and mobile are two absolutely different platforms. You just cannot bring the similar version of a desktop application to mobile platforms. Mobile apps are supposed to be developed with limited functions.
Unsuitable development methods
The desktop software development method does not suit mobile application development. A desktop application development often ends up in lengthy cycles, but mobile app development requires agility. Completing an app through desktop approach can never guarantee success.
Trying to add too many features
Features and functions in a mobile application are supposed to be limited. You cannot expect too much from a single mobile app. Adding too many features or functionalities to a single app can be another reason of failure. It is a good strategy for desktop level development, but not for a mobile application development at all.
Failing to assess security and management needs
Developers are developers. As an app investor, you cannot expect from developers to enable a high-level security to your application. For this, you need to deploy Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions early in the app development cycle.
Developing apps without considering the features of smartphone
Smartphones have now turned into all-inclusive devices. They have features like NFC, the ability of reading barcode and QR code, the ability of augmented reality, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and various sensors, which you cannot expect in desktop computers. So, if you develop an app without keeping in mind these features, you will fail.
Ignoring users and focusing more on functionalities.
Developers often kill the expectations of users because of focusing more on best and most complete functionality. Developers follow technical approach while users take every app artistically. And here begins the conflict. To resolve it, developers need to think like users.
Developing the app on architecture
There are generally three mobile architectures; mobile web, hybrid and native. It is important to pick an architecture which is suitable for your requirements. Different architectures fit different requirements. If you fail to assess the right one, your app will most likely fail too.
Mobile application development does also take time. If developers keep ignoring what exactly they need to do, they will continue to destroy their work of hundreds of hours.

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