Workforce management and mobile applications of mobile technology

An important characteristic of the mobile resource management is the continuous innovation and use of devices and systems for smart phones, technology is rapidly changing due today. An employee uses an average of a minimum of three types of devices and research has shown that at least one of them is yours. This use of technology has changed the priorities for what they have done business and the workplace a much more flexible space. The responsibility of the IT department to ensure that all devices are delivered in good condition.

One way to manage a mobile workforce is to provide the type of equipment and related applications. The most popular devices are iPhone prevailing at the top and close to their heels is the Blackberry. Regarding the tablets go, the iPad is the one to provide your computer.

A regular topic that must be addressed on a regular basis is the application of an overload. We see that, on average, each organization has about 200 applications and they are at rest throughout the organizational hierarchy. Almost 61 percent of a portfolio for each company is based in Windows applications. Right after that comes from SaaS applications that stand at 10 percent and far below are based mobile applications that go around seven percent. Over time, the diversity of applications is expected to grow and could soon have applications that combine Windows and SaaS applications.

A major concern when it comes to managing the mobile workforce is the security that exists in these devices. The cloud becomes increasingly the choice of storage for many companies, but there are a significant number who have reservations about it. If your goal is to make the most of your mobile workforce, then it is their devices and applications that need to manage. Emphasis should be placed on applications and business data.

Working in close coordination with the IT department of the company to be able to achieve a management plan that works on improving the company's portfolio. You need to have detailed discussions with teams on the ground, and their management reporting discussions. Only then will come up with the type of management system and working order.
By Brian M Richards