iPhone 5S Release Rumors - Exciting News For An Apple Fan

By Manzoor Mohammed

If you already own an Apple device it is very unlikely that you'll ever be happy with any other company's product. The latest buzz in the ever active smart phone market concerns the release of the new iPhone 5S. There are indeed quite a few iPhone 5S release rumors doing the rounds these days.
While there is uncertainty about the exact iPhone 5S release date, it seems increasingly likely that this phone will be launched only in October and not September as most people expected (or hoped). According to reliable reports, the company has encountered some snags in production and needs a few extra weeks to deal with the issues. The iPhone 6 release date will also be pushed back a month or so to December 2013. However, there are also persistent rumors that that the i6 will be launched only in Q1 2024.
Apart from the date of the launch, what is really exciting fans is the features the new phones will have. Apple is being characteristically tight lipped about everything to do with the new phones, but some rumors are much stronger than others.
For one, the new phone will be on an upgraded platform, iOS 7. The phones will also be faster and easier to use than their predecessors thanks to a more sophisticated processor and 4G. The latest iPhone will also have a more sophisticated camera than the previous ones. It will also have better retina display. Apple's purchase of Authentic gives rise to the suspicion that the new iPhone 5S will also feature fingerprint detection for enhanced security. According to other reports, the home button will also be changed slightly. A sneaked glimpse of its front panel (which might or might not be genuine) indicates that it will have more sensors.
All the major smart phone manufacturers are releasing their latest phones in the coming months and the heat will certainly be on Apple to come up with something that will grab the attention of potential buyers. Apple also offers an attractive buyback program for the older iPhones. It is quite likely to offer the same in order to get people to pick up the iPhone 5S.
Another interesting rumor surrounding this company is that it might launch a low cost iPhone. Whether this is just wishful thinking or not will only be found out when Apple releases the next phone to an eager market.