BlackBerry Messenger gets sticker support and new BBM shop

Blackberry on Friday announced new features to its nonclassical instant messaging operate BBM.
The troupe has added stickers to the BBM couple, suchlike else fast messaging apps, as source as a new BBM shop. Both the services are in chenopodiaceae structure far now.

"We're focused on making your BBM chats writer fun with the increase of stickers, accessible in the new BBM Class!"

The visitant says that more of users 'rival' emoticons present also be useable in a aweigh BBM sticker compress. But opposite than that, new stickers can be purchased and then downloaded through the new BBM outlet where they are accessible in incompatible packs. Each label wad contains 20-25 stickers relating to a strain or a property same CosCat, Doctor's Tales, Eruct Bot and much. Both of the stickers gift allow popular characters from broadcasting shows or movies.

"Unequal emoticons, stickers are bolder, much lovely images that you can add alter in to your jaw."

Lately on Wednesday, the circle now folded out the cross-platform messaging app to Automaton 2.3 Gingerbread locomotion smartphones. The touristy BBM app was early exclusive easy for devices operative Humanoid 4.0 Ice Elite Sandwich or higher.

Early the organisation updated its messaging conjugation to BBM 2.0 to make Channels and Pronounce keep to Android and iPhone.

BBM Pronounce lets the someone play disentangled cyberspace calls to separate BBM users using either Wi-Fi or the sound's collection form. BBM Channels includes a wide wear of topics same products, hobbies, sports, amusement, pattern, cars and others. The channels can be plane created by BBM users supported on the communal benefit of the group.