Galaxy Nexus I9250 Gets Android 4.4.2 KitKat via CM-REMIX ROM [GUIDE]

Galaxy Nexus GT- I9250 users are in a special treatment, given that the combined efforts of the leading developers of Android custom ROM has led the development of Android 4.4.2 ROM CM- REMIX KitKat of the device.
ROM provides a heady mix of high quality personalized offers KitKat AOKP , beanstalk , CrDroid , ChameOS , CM, Mokee , OMNI , PA , SLIM , etc. Vanir , while the custom kernel is based on cherry Imoseyon choice with options ASKP , ezkeels , faux123 , extravagant, Franco.

 Android 4.4.2 ROM Features CM- REMIX

As CM- REMIX ( v2.4.1 ) ROM is based on the chassis of CyanogenMod (CM ) , inherits the following features:

SLIM : drums and date options , Quiethours , keyboard and IME , lockscreen and notification shortcuts , navigation , PowerMenu , Quicksettings , DPI density changer , DRT
Beanstalk : Quicksettings , Other option , profile support, rework PowerMenu
ChameOS : ActiveDisplay , AppSidebar , gesture unlock gesture everywhere netstats , ScreenRecorder
Mokee : LunarCalendar PhoneLocation and Support (available only with Chinese languages ​​) , Speed ​​Dial, Call IP
PA & Carbon : HALO , PA PIE (as amended , several buttons)
Maxwen : suspend actions wakelock Blocker, covering CPU
OMNI : DSPManager modification, My intrusive options , the sound of hanging
Vanir : options adjustment and development , Halo and push notification
The main changes and bug fixes

Among the major changes and corrections of errors brought this ROM ( v2.4.1 ) are listed below:

1 ) Last date with crushed Slim reconsolidation of the hardware key , which must qs thin shortcut and navigation bar stock .
2) active notification: add a button to expand notificaton LockScreen notification ( AOSPA )
3 ) The text of Puerto AOKP signal and masking options .
4) Set the above applications are displayed if a halo floating window with the back button
5) Notes Corrigendum lever ( CM )
6 ) the compatibility setting the framework navigation bar Xposed (SLIM)
7) Port Profile and tiles camera CM
8) edition color Mms (JB style) , fixed issue linktext visibility. ( Do this : kk restore full system support and TRD)
9) Lockscreen update notification and correction ( Vanes )
- View / reject button ( navigation bar)
- Add the following the notification option
- Background color custom notification
10) Notification of the active display ( Vanes )
- Attempt to define the mode of pocket
- Remove AM / PM as a preference
- Questions ghost fixed navigation bar
11 ) Fixed Lockscreen Sound Delay

Interested users of Galaxy Nexus I9250 can go ahead and install this ROM on their phones following our step by step guide below. IBTimes UK reminds readers that the device is not liable for any damage during or after the installation of the firmware. Users should proceed at their own risk .


The CM- ROM v2.4.1 REMIX and instructions in this manual are for the GT- i9250 Galaxy Nexus only model. Check the model number of the device, go to Settings> About phone .
Save the data and settings using a recommended, as ClockworkMod (CWM) or TWRP because it creates a complete picture of the current recovery custom tool configuration of the phone. In recovery , select Backup and Restore and press Save .
Check the USB drivers for your phone are installed on your computer (USB drivers for download Galaxy Nexus I9250 ) .
Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone, go to Settings> Developer Options ( NOTE: . Toque build number phone seven times to unlock or display options for the parameters of hidden developers ) and then select the check box to enable USB Debugging in Settings> Developer Options .
Make sure your phone is at least 80% battery charging to avoid unexpected device shutdown ( due to battery drain ) while installing the ROM .
Make sure the device is unlocked (not locked into a specific carrier ) and rooted with the latest ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery ( v6.0.4.5 or higher) installed. If you install CWM recovery for the first time , see the video tutorial below, courtesy of Android soul :

If the device is stuck in boot loop or having problems starting , do Wipe Dalvik Cache Wipe cache partition and a little more time before restarting.
Allow newly installed ROM to stabilize for five minutes before you start working on it.
required downloads

CM 4.4.2 v2.4.1 Android ROM - REMIX
Support Android 4.4.2 Google Apps KitKat CWM recovery ( alternative link )
Steps to install Android 4.4.2 on Galaxy Nexus I9250 KitKat ROM via CM- REMIX

Download Android 4.4.2 ROM KitKat CM- REMIX Galaxy Nexus I9250 for the team
Download the Google Apps package
Connect the Galaxy Nexus to your computer via a USB cable. No rip , copy the zip file downloaded firmware and Google Apps zip files in the root folder of your SD card
Turn off the phone and wait for 5-10 seconds until the device turns off.
Now press the Volume + button andpower volume buttons simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears on the screen and the device boots in boot mode . Now select the boot loader to enter recovery mode. NOTE : In recovery mode , use the volume keys to scroll and power button to select the desired option.
Perform restoration Wipe / factory (which erases all applications and settings and game progress ) data and select Yes on the next screen to confirm. Thank you not to wipe cache partition and again hit Yes to confirm .
Back to main menu and select Media CWM recovery and storage > Format / data and click Yes on the next screen to confirm.
In the main menu of CWM recovery , go to Advanced and select Wipe Dalvik Cache. Then , click Yes on the next screen to confirm.
Select Install zip from sdcard then click Choose zip from sdcard . Navigate to the location of the CM- ROM that you copied REMIX on the SD card of your phone. Select Yes on the next screen to confirm the installation of ROM.
Repeat the previous step to install Google Apps too .
Once Google Apps is installed, select "+ + + + + Back + + + + +" and reboot the device by pressing reboot system now in the recovery menu . The Galaxy Nexus reboots and can take about 5 minutes for the first boot. So , do not interrupt the process.

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